Nucleosee. A Visual GEnome-wide search tool for Nucleosome PatternsNucleosee is a nucleosome pattern search method that converts levels of nucleosomal occupancy to a sequence-like format to which BWT searches can be applied.

Natural Products 13C NMR Database with Interactive Analysis Tool

Motivation: Although natural products represent a reservoir of molecular diversity, the process of isolating and identifying active compounds is a bottleneck in drug discovery programs. The rapid isolation and identification of the bioactive component(s) of natural product mixtures during the bioassay-guided fractionation have become crucial factors in the competition with chemical compound libraries and combinatorial synthetic efforts.


JADOPPT is a tool for automatically preparing and processing multiple AutoDock results, thus allowing their simultaneous analysis and comparison


Treevolution is a Java tool to support visual analysis of phylogenetic trees. Some of its current features are:

* Visualization of phylogenetic trees as radial or linear dendrograms
* Visualization of bar charts for dendrograms
* Several exploration interfaces: distortion, filtering, text search, ancestor/descendants tracking, etc.
* Visual clustering of families based on evolutionary information


BicOverlapper is a framework to support visual analysis of gene expression by means of biclustering.

Biclustering algorithms have become a spread technique to analyze microarray experiments. Since it is an unsupervised technique, biclustering is specially useful at discovering new knowledge about genes.