Before downloading, please read the license information. For more information about Treevolution, please read the user guide.

Java Runtime Environment

Before you'll be able to use Treevolution, you'll need to download de Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Get the newest version at

NOTE: Treevolution is designed to work with JRE 1.6, it won't work with older JRE versions.


Please download the latest stable version, or test alpha versions:


main changes
january 2010
Latest version that provides support to branch confidence by width, events (speciation, duplication) by color, and domains by icons. Minor bugs fixed
april 2009
English stable version. PhyloXML format supported. Minor bugs fixed.
february 2009
First available stable version (spanish).
Install & Run

Treevolution should run correctly under any Windows or Unix OS with at least 1GB of RAM and 20MB of disk space. However, we cannot assure it will run under any platform.

To install just download the .rar file, uncompress it and:

  • Windows: double click on treevolution.bat, or type treevolution.bat in the command line.
  • Linux: open a terminal and give execution privileges to Treevolution with "chmod +x treevolution.bat". Run it with "./treevolution.bat"
  • MacOS X: same as Linux. NOTE that MacOS X does not support JRE.16 for 32-bit computers, so Treevolution could not work under this configuration.